I started oil painting at the end of June 2018, and this all began when I was encouraged to attend a Prayer and Painting course held at Scargill house near Skipton. It was an opportunity to express myself in ways where words were not enough.

Some of my paintings are about loneliness, isolation and finding Christ. I paint portraits and landscapes, but I am encouraged to paint more portraits of people who have inspired me and have walked alongside me with Christ.

Not every scar is visible and giving back to people who have given out is important to me. For this reason, I am reaching out to charities like ‘Help for Heroes’ as well as local homeless projects around Harrogate with the aim of contributing art work to help with their cause. I am happy to have found the charity ‘Help for Heroes’ who share the same ethos, who use art therapy as part of their rehabilitation.

If you find that any of my paintings connect with you, then let me know! Any encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Let’s work together

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